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Thou canst not hit it, hit it, hit it, Thou canst not hit it, my good man." __________ 1. Pain is wearisome; No pain is eagerly wished for. 2. No bald person needs a hair-brush; No lizards have hair. 3. All thoughtless people do mischief; No thoughtful person forgets a promise. 4. I do not like John; Some of my friends like John. 5. No potatoes are pine-apples; All pine-apples are nice. 6. No pins are ambitious; No needles are pins. 7. All my friends have colds; No one can sing who has a cold. 8. All these dishes are well-cooked; Some dishes are unwholesome if not well-cooked. 9. No medicine is nice; Senna is a medicine. 10. Some oysters are silent; No silent creatures are amusing. 11. All wise men walk on their feet; All unwise men walk on their hands. 12. "Mind your own business; This quarrel is no business of yours." 13. No bridges are made of sugar; Some bridges are picturesque. 14. No riddles interest me that can be solved; All these riddles are insoluble. 15. John is industrious; All industrious people are happy. 16. No frogs write books; Some people use ink in writing books. 17. No pokers are soft; All pillows are soft. 18. No antelope is ungraceful; Graceful animals delight the eye. 19. Some uncles are ungenerous; All merchants are generous. 20. No unhappy people chuckle; No happy people groan. 21. Audible music causes vibration in the air; Inaudible music is not worth paying for. 22. He gave me five pounds; I was delighted. 23. No old Jews are fat millers; All my friends are old millers. 24. Flour is good for food; Oatmeal is a kind of flour. 25. Some dreams are terrible; No lambs are terrible. 26. No rich man begs in the street; All who are not rich should keep accounts. 27. No thieves are honest; Some dishonest people are found out. 28. All wasps are unfriendly; All puppies are friendly. 29. All improbable stories are doubted; None of these stories are probable. 30. "He told me you had gone away." "He never says one word of truth." 31. His songs never last an hour; A song, that lasts an hour, is tedious. 32. No bride-cakes are wholesome; Unwholesome food should be avoided. 33. No old misers are cheerful; Some old misers are thin. 34. All ducks waddle; Nothing that waddles is graceful. 35. No Professors are ignorant; Some ignorant people are conceited. 36. Toothache is never pleasant; Warmth is never unpleasant. 37. Bores are terrible; You are a bore. 38. Some mountains are insurmountable; All stiles can be surmounted. 39. No Frenchmen like plumpudding; All Englishmen like plumpudding. 40. No idlers win fame; Some painters are not idle. 41. No lobsters are unreasonable; No reasonable creatures expect impossibilities. 42. No kind deed is unlawful; What is lawful may be done without fear. 43. No fossils can be crossed in love; Any oyster may be crossed in love. 44. "This is beyond endurance!" "Well, nothing beyond endurance has ever happened to me." 45. All uneducated men are shallow; All these students are educated. 46. All my cousins are unjust; No judges are unjust. 47. No country, that has been explored, is infested by dragons; Unexplored countries are fascinating. 48. No misers are generous; Some old men are not generous. 49. A prudent man shuns hyaenas; No banker is imprudent. 50. Some poetry is original; No original work is producible at will. 51. No misers are unselfish; None but misers save egg-shells. 52. All pale people are phlegmatic; No one, who is not pale, looks poetical. 53. All spiders spin webs; Some creatures, that do not spin webs, are savage.

WHAT SOCRATES SAYS ...None of my cousins are just; All judges are just.
 John is industrious; No industrious people are unhappy.
Umbrellas are useful on a journey; What is useless on a journey should be left behind.
  Some pillows are soft; No pokers are soft.
I am old and lame; No old merchant is a lame gambler.
No eventful journey is ever forgotten; Uneventful journeys are not worth writing a book about.
  Sugar is sweet; Some sweet things are liked by children.
Richard is out of temper; No one but Richard can ride that horse.
 All jokes are meant to amuse; No Act of Parliament is a joke.
I saw it in a newspaper." All newspapers tell lies."
No nightmare is pleasant; Unpleasant experiences are not anxiously desired.
65. Prudent travellers carry plenty of small change; Imprudent travellers lose their luggage.
66. All wasps are unfriendly; No puppies are unfriendly.
67. He called here yesterday; He is no friend of mine.
68. No quadrupeds can whistle; Some cats are quadrupeds.
69. No cooked meat is sold by butchers; No uncooked meat is served at dinner.
70. Gold is heavy; Nothing but gold will silence him.
71. Some pigs are wild; There are no pigs that are not fat.
72. No emperors are dentists; All dentists are dreaded by children.
73. All, who are not old, like walking; Neither you nor I are old.
74. All blades are sharp; Some grasses are blades.
75. No dictatorial person is popular; She is dictatorial.
76. Some sweet things are unwholesome; No muffins are sweet.
77. No military men write poetry; No generals are civilians.
78. Bores are dreaded; A bore is never begged to prolong his visit.
79. All owls are satisfactory; Some excuses are unsatisfactory.
80. All my cousins are unjust; All judges are just.
81. Some buns are rich; All buns are nice.
82. No medicine is nice; No pills are unmedicinal.
83. Some lessons are difficult; What is difficult needs attention.
84. No unexpected pleasure annoys me; Your visit is an unexpected pleasure.
85. Caterpillars are not eloquent; Jones is eloquent.
86. Some bald people wear wigs; All your children have hair.
87. All wasps are unfriendly; Unfriendly creatures are always unwelcome.
88. No bankrupts are rich; Some merchants are not bankrupts.
89. Weasels sometimes sleep; All animals sometimes sleep.
90. Ill-managed concerns are unprofitable; Railways are never ill-managed.
91. Everybody has seen a pig; Nobody admires a pig.

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